The UPR-Río Piedras Campus Self-Study process embraces the theme: Commitment to Institutional Excellence and Empowerment for Continuous Improvement.

Executive Committee

The Working Groups at UPR-Río Piedras will contribute to the self-study report and evidence inventory to ensure reaffirmation of accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Dr. Angélica Varela Llavona
Chair, Chancellor

Dr. Nivia A. Fernández Hernández
Co-Chair (From April 2022 to May 2023), Acting Dean of Academic Affairs (December 2021 until April 30th, 2023)

Dr. Aida L. Jiménez Torres
Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO)

Dr. Juanita Rodríguez Marrero
Institutional Coordinator Self-Study & Visit

Dr. Nellie E. Torrado Pérez
Acting Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr. Isabel Montañez Concepción
Director, Division Institutional Research and Assessment

Dr. Vivian Olivera Santiago
Acting Assistant Dean for Development and Renewal of Academic Programs

Mrs. Bethzaida Carrubio Inostroza
Assistant Dean of Administrative Affairs

Mrs. Zoraida I. Serrano Bruno
Non-teaching personnel representative

Ms. Cynthia Marie Rivera-Sánchez
President, General Student Council

To be invited by academic units
Alumni and community representatives

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will provide leadership and will offer direct oversight while working together with the members of each working group in the development of the  working group report.

Self-Study Steering Committee – Working Groups Chairs & Co-Chairs

Dr. Nivia A. Fernández Hernández
From December 2021 to May 19, 2023
Dr. Nellie E. Torrado Pérez
Acting Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Standard IDr. Carlos González
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
Dr. Nancy Viana Vázquez

Faculty College of Social Sciences
Standard IIDr. María Medina
Academic Senator, Faculty, College of Education
Dr. Carmen Figueroa Jiménez
Academic Senator, Faculty College of Business Administration
Standard IIIDr. Frances Ruiz Alfaro
Faculty, College of Social Sciences
Dr. Yahaira Torres Rivera
Acting Assistant Dean for Distance Education
Standard IVDr. Gloria Díaz Urbina
Dean of Students’ Affairs
Dr. Zulyn Rodríguez Reyes
Registrar’s Office (From April 2022 to May 5, 2023); Mrs. Sheila Lugo, Acting Registrar (From May 6 forward)
Standard VDr.  Héctor Aponte Alequín
Acting Associate Dean, College of Education
Dr. Vivian Olivera Santiago
Institutional Coordinator for Programs’ Periodic Assessment, Acting Assistant Dean
Standard VIDr. Basilio Arroyo Rivera
Director, Strategic Planning and Budgeting Office
Sr. Edgardo Díaz Labrador
Director, Finance Office
Standard VIIDr. Anaisa López Cédres
Acting Dean of Administration
Dr. Carlos Sánchez Zambrana
Dean College of General Studies

Collaborators & Support Personnel

Mrs. Brenda Casado
Clerical Assistant to the Self-Study Steering Committee Chair

Dr. Farah A. Ramírez Marrero
Reader, editor; Faculty College of Education

Dr. Julio Rodríguez Torres
Reader, editor; Faculty, College of Education